Barry King

My interest in Photography began at the age of about 12 when my parents gave me a Polaroid Instamatic type camera for Christmas. These were simple cameras which when the picture was taken, a few seconds later would shoot out a piece of photo paper from the bottom of the camera which would develop itself in a few minutes! I was hooked!

My next Camera was a Sony Mavica. My first Digital Camera in about 1999! Bought to photograph my kids as they grew up. It stored the images (not many) on a floppy disc. Remember those?

It lasted for many years but its life ended when it was dropped! Shame, they fetch nearly £1000 these days!

From then until 2007 I had various cameras, but by 2007 my photography skills had improved to a level where I needed more from a camera!

My photography really became serious in early 2007 when I bought myself my first digital DSLR. A Nikon D80 shortly after its introduction in the UK and have never looked back since

I soon became the ‘family (and friends of family!) photographer’ for weddings christenings etc and loved it!

I have studied the technical aspects of photography ever since in my quest to constantly improve my work.

I have also studied Photoshop and digital image manipulation which is a really interesting aspect of our work!

My Son Logan (and PhotoKing Partner) studied Photography at School and has introduced me to word of HD Video which is awesome! Logan is now continuing his Photography and Videography studies at College

He is a great asset to PhotoKing!

I am a member of the Oxford University Photographic Society and The Royal Photographic Society

I currently shoot with a Nikon D800 and a Nikon D600 and a full selection of  Nikon Professional lenses

In 2014 we built our own Studio. I love studio Photography!

Wedding bookings are coming in thick and fast and 2015 looks like a busy year for us!

NEW FOR 2015

Pre School and Nursery Photography and a portable Photo Booth for Parties and Weddings etc.

Thank you for your interest in PhotoKing

Barry and Logan King


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  • Barry King

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    Specialises in: Still photography Photoshop© and digital image editing

    • Logan King

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      Specialises in: Still Photography Videography & Video Editing